The Lost Art of Small Talk

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In the old days before the Internet era, people are good with small talks. But these days, conversation are more transactional to get things done. It’s the same as marriage. During courtship, we are good listeners. But after marriage, conversation are more like instruction – do this, do that. In the online world, when you try to contact people, most will think you have an agenda, which is to sell them something. If you want to meet them for coffee, they think you will sell them an MLM thing or something. People are skeptical and suspicious. I feel the same way too. I wonder if they have a hidden agenda. Why do I feel this way? Cos I have been tricked by people too often. They come to see you cos they want to get something from you or to tap your brain for free. Can you see how we are losing the art of small talk and the lack of trust? In my experience, most deals are closed in one to one communication. That’s why if you are a coach, you close deals during the personal strategy call, not during the webinar. In a very noisy and distracted world, we try to get people’s attention. Here’s how. Read their post and give them the ‘love’. Comment on their post. Message them once in a while without selling them anything. Do a little small talk. I find it easy to write when I tell them I like their post and how their message resonates with me. Now that I am learning how to create better video content, I will make a free video for them. Most of them love the surprise. If you want to start a good habit, why not message or call a friend a day to say hello?

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