How to Start an Online Biz from Scratch with No Money


The Simplified Answer is to Give People What They Want at a Price They are Willing to Pay.


I will learn a new skill so that I have something to offer.

I will learn a skill to fix people’s problems.

I will find out what I am good at and leverage on my biggest strength.

I will look for people with a specific pain that I can fix.

I will be more social and talk to more people.

I will participate actively in communities.

I will use my talent to help people.

I will learn how to sell.

I will master copywriting and persuasion.

I will read more books.

I will keep learning and asking questions.

I will listen to the calm voice in my heart because it already knows the answer. 

I will seek God for guidance.

I will give thanks for everything.

This is what I will do if I am starting from zero.

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