A Winner Everytime

Is your Horse taking you to where you want?
Your horse is your career vehicle that makes you a living. If your horse is not taking you where you want, it is time to let it go and find a better horse to ride on.
If you are a swimming instructor, a pilot, a stewardess, a tour guide, a pasar malam vendor, an offline consultant, a classroom teacher, an offline tutor, the horse is probably dead.
If you are passed 45 years old, your chance of employment is slim. Even if you are hired, the salary won’t be enough. So you might have to work 2 jobs a day to support your family. This is slavery.
The days of govt funding will soon be over. And you can no longer depend on others to fund you.
The new norm means you have to work online. You should be able to earn a full-time income online.
If you have to start from scratch, you have to reskill for a new job. Let go of your beloved old horse.
How do you start a new online business? Here are my strategies.
1. Leverage on your biggest strength
Do what you do best so you can deliver excellent work. It may not be necessarily be what you love most. For me, it will be writing related work.
2. Leverage on other people FB groups.
If you don’t have a huge following now, it’s ok. Join other FB groups and be an active contributor. In the meanwhile create your own group and grow your tribe.
3. Quick Cash quick service.
Provide a service that you can deliver within hours on the same day for quick cash. The best service is an essential service that fixes a breakdown.
A new month. A new beginning. All the best to you!

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